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We are a real estate company serving low-income families by giving them access to affordable rental homes.  It is estimated that 2.5 - 3.5 million people are homeless. The rising cost of real estate has created a nation plagued with homeless epidemic. All over American cities, people are sleeping in cars, shelters and on the streets.  As the most prosperous nation in the world, we can certainly do better.  Paradise Estate seeks to impart core American values such as, equal opportunity and material comfort in order to give people the chance of a better life. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to reduce the number of homeless people in American cities one family at a time.  By collaborating with the city’s housing authority, we provide affordable rental homes for qualified low-income families.  Everyone has something to offer the world regardless of their position and should be allowed the opportunity to pursue a better life — starting with a place to call home. 


Welcome to Edgemoor Gardens! Located in the City of Wilmington, DE, Polk is a 2-story townhome with a spacious and modern floor plan that accommodates family living.  Upstairs contain 3 spacious bedrooms with closets in each room and 1 full-size bathroom.  Downstairs is a full-service kitchen complete with cabinets and appliances, storage utility closet that house  energy efficient gas heating.  Outside is a 1-car driveway and a roomy fenced in backyard for summer entertaining with friends and family. This home’s central location in relation to local interstates, the Claymont train station, bus stops, shopping centers and downtown offers easy access to living essentials as well as nearby Philadelphia. 


Edgemoor Gardens in Wilmington, DE, welcomes you to Paynter, a duplex townhome featuring 3 bedrooms and full bathroom. A spacious living area with an open floor plan that leads into a dining area and a full-service kitchen complete with appliances and lots of cabinets.  Outdoors is a fenced in backyard and a 1-car driveway. This home provides for energy-efficient and comfortable living all-year-round with modern heating, gas and hot water systems installed and running smoothly. With quick access to the local interstates, downtown, the Claymont train station, shopping centers and nearby Philadelphia, Paynter offers extensive connectivity to all of your work, school and daily needs.