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Household Waste Management

Facing difficulties keeping up with home's garbage? Following actions are the ways you can make your life easier by managing your household garbage. Planning with great care will make you able to manage household waste effectively, that has least negative effect on earth’s environment. Generally, household waste includes liquid and solid waste. Let's see how to deal with garbage.

Reduce the usage of paper: Unnecessary usage of paper has made our atmosphere so untidy and has ultimately increased the threat to our lives. We need to take proper measures to reduce the usage of paper at home. If paperwork is not that necessary you can use computers to pursue your calculations. Reducing the amount of paper will help you in providing comfort to your life for not occupying much space of your home.

Pay your home bills online.

Read the newspaper online instead of having at your place.

Avoid using plastics: This little habit will lower the amount of waste you produce in your home and will make your life easier. If you are buying food or some clothes for yourself, hand-made clothing bags can be used instead of asking plastic bags from the storekeeper. Prepare a bunch of clothing bags that are reusable and store them at your home. Bring these bags along with you whenever you visit stores. This important habit will contribute your effort to make your home tidy and ultimately keeps the environment clean.

Prepare bulk clothing bags for multiple stuff to carry

Reusing and Recycling: Waste management is an important part of our daily lives. By managing these household wastes efficiently, we can stop prevailing different diseases. For recycling purposes, old fabric or clothes can be donated to recycling factory. Household waste management with reusing and recycling techniques will make your life easier in different ways.

Will protect you to expose from different diseases as a result of household waste.

Will save your money spending on your medical treatment

Will indirectly provide you pleasant home environment

Will increase your productivity of work.

Durable containers at home can be used several times before they go out into the trash or recycling. Paper can also be reused by printing both sides of it or you can enlist your shopping stuff on the blank side of the paper. Plastic containers can also be reused for several times to store food, but be cautious about reusing them frequent times can risk your health.

Donate household items: Instead of throwing your household items including old clothes, electronics and other stuff that are not in your use but can be used, try to donate them.

Old computers can be donated to schools

You can donate your old furniture to the donation centre.

Proper disposal of household hazardous waste: In order to keep your home clean, proper measures are essential to be taken. Some certain household items are not possible to be recycled. That household hazardous waste can be very dangerous to our environment as well as underground water if do not dispose of properly.

Earth ground having essentially holes which are filled with waste. The waste needs to be dug with great care. You should also try to reduce the usage of paint containing lead, batteries, bulbs and other electronics.

Segregate Waste: Differentiate the bins into the following:

Green for organic

White for paper

Yellow for glass

Grey for metal

Blue for plastic

Red for hazard

Segregation of waste based on - Bio-Degradable and Non-Bio-Degradable. Segregation technique is useful in decreasing the garbage burden on landfills, thereby curb the pollution level.

What can be done?

Household waste is essentially a kind of resource, and potentially very damaging to the environment. Proper disposal of waste ensures that maximum possible waste is recycled, minimising the negative impacts on the environment and its underground resources. It is important to ensure that any residual should be disposed of in a way that has a minimum negative impact on our environment – e.g. safely burning the waste.

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